There’s so much that we learn in the course of day but much of it just vanishes. Imagine if you could write down just 50% of what you learn every day. After a year you would have a rich knowledge base of your own. From mechanical to history to health there is so much that we learn. We learn from friends, from TV, radio, internet, books…

Eureka has been created to help you save your learning.

You can decide to make your learning posts public, private or private.

The site is equipped with a commenting system to let anyone you have chosen to see your learning comment on it. That way we will generate even more learning and check the validity of what you have learned.

The site lets you follow people you think you can learn from what they learn. This is a smart way to learn, right?






Personal Project

My Involvement

I developed the entire application from the ground up. I did database design, logo design, interface design and wrote all the PHP code.

Demo Credentials

Username: admin

Password: admin


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